Canvasrs was created by a canvasser who became a company owner, ran sales teams, managed sales teams, and made this software for other companies that have sales teams. Then consulted further with canvassers, supervisors, and company owners to create this software.

This software comes from a high level of experience and from the perspective of the employee/salesperson, supervisor, and company owner because it was created by someone who worked in each of those roles, starting as a canvasser/salesperson for years, then working as a supervisor for more than 10 years, finally a company owner for the last 9 years. So, the software comes with over 30 years of experience in the sales and face to face marketing industry.

It was created to benefit each role in your company. It was also created so that company owners can have the ability to maximize their profits by never wasting time on things that sales companies are notorious for wasting time on.