How does this help my sales company

How does this help my sales company
Published on September 2, 2022
  1. Keep organized - Add employees, create teams, assign managers to the teams, within the organization and efficiency

  2. Keep better mapping system - Assign work areas to the teams, Mark areas as completed, assign areas, within work areas, to employees that are canvassing within the work area

  3. Keep Track of Products and Sales - Add your products and prices of products to the app to log sales within the app itself, add product quantity for teams so that you can set how much they start with and see how much they end with after sales, at the end of each shift.

  4. Create Sales Reports - Ability to produce reports and log sales - makes for better accounting

  5. Employee Tracking - to make sure they are being the most productive that they can be in real time on a map

  6. Share important documents - avoid your management struggling to find documents and have it all in the app with the included storage space

  7. Time Management - Have everything you need to be organized all in one place for your sales company, especially if you do residential marketing or face to face marketing - Not only can you keep a good track of your sales and accounting but you can also make sure production is happening, make sure no one is fumbling for documents such as speeches, no last minute searching for your employees when they got lost on the route they were given,

  8. Employee Safety - Never lose someone that has accidentally wandered off their assigned area, not only can they see their own assigned area in the app, but you can see where they are and so can the supervisor, so it makes losing people impossible. When someone gets lost it can take a long time to find them again, and that is a big waste of the supervisor’s time and ends up affecting the other canvasser/salespeople, because they are delayed too, and if everyone is on commission then it is a big problem and if they are paid an hourly wage, it affects the entire company

  9. Better Communication Through Live Messaging Feature - Message your management in real time through the app or even employees/salespeople

  10. Organized Mapping - You can keep better track of the areas you work with the ability to assign and save maps that you complete. You can assign the work area to the supervisor and never worry about someone losing track of the mapping again.