What types of companies can use this app

What types of companies can use this app
Published on November 3, 2022

What types of companies can use this app?

  1. Sales companies that do door to door or business to business as their methods of sales. ( Utilize the maps , sales, documents, teams, messaging features)
  2. Industries that send employees out to perform any type of task at customers homes or places of business. This can include installation companies, service companies, courier companies, distribution companies, delivery companies that require proof of completion and a way to track employees on the map and that need tracking with time stamps. ( This can be done with maps and tasks)
  3. Lead generating companies can use our software as well and utilize mapping with our leads features. ( Done with maps and Leads)

How can these companies use this software?

It’s easy to do and all of our instruction videos teach you how to use everything and get going. Visit here to view all videos https://canvasrs.com/tutorials