Canvasrs Team management Software

All in one team management and tracking software.

Perfect for sales companies that send out teams or individuals to sell their products in residential or commercial areas.

Tasks Feature make it perfect for any company to use our app Prevent Time Theft by tracking your employees geo location with time stamps.

Time Management - Have everything you need to be organized all in one place for your sales company.


Team tracking on map
  • Track team members on map.
  • Track employees location.
  • Assign work areas.
  • Work areas status.
  • Search address on map.


Team messaging system
  • Send messages to team members.
  • Send message reply.
  • Delete message.


Team documents system
  • Uplaod pdf, text, image or other file.
  • Preview pdf or image file.
  • Share document to team members.


Team sales
  • Add, edit products and prices.
  • Create sales orders.
  • View sales and sales reports.
  • View and create customers.


Manager teams and employees
  • Add, edit employees.
  • Create teams.
  • Assign a manager to the teams.
  • Add employees to teams.


Team tasks
  • Create Tasks for employees to do.
  • Assign Tasks to employees.
  • Employees can login and see assigned Tasks for them to do.
  • Employees can mark work as completed with the addition to adding notes and images of completed work.


Sales leads
  • Manage sales leads.
  • Create sales order from lead.