Team tracking on map
Sophisticated tracking to see wether your employees are motivated and working or de-motvated and not working out in the areas and stop de-motivation or problems before they fester for a long time.
  • Track employees location.
    Never lose track of your location or employees location as employees can see supervisors location on the map and set their location on the map in real time.
  • Assign work areas.
    Create work area for team and each team member.
  • Work areas status.
    Mark work areas as completed and organize your mapping system.
  • Search address on map.
    Easy search any address on the map.
  • Time stamp employees work based off of location and time stamp to prevent time theft.


Manager teams and employees
  • Add, edit employees.
  • Create teams.
  • Assign a manager to the teams.
  • Add employees to teams.


Team documents system
  • Uplaod pdf, text, image or other file.
  • Preview pdf or image file.
  • Share document to team members.


Team sales
  • Add, edit products and prices.
  • Create sales orders.
  • View sales and sales reports.
  • View and create customers.


Team messaging system
  • Send messages to team members.
  • Send message reply.
  • Delete message.


Employees tasks
Create and assign tasks to employees that are sent out of the office to do jobs ( Perfect for delivery companies , distributions companies, courier companies, install companies of any type such as windows, flooring, locksmiths , service companies )
  • Employee login and dashboard to check their tasks and task details, mark work as completed, add notes and submit photo proof of completion.
  • Use the maps to work with the tasks and time stamp all the work being done by geo location live tracking